Contractor’s Cost Conundrum Report Helps Explain Contractor’s Economic Challenges

Jul 14, 2022

The Construction Labor Research Council’s (CLRC) new report, Contractor’s Cost Conundrum, explains some of the economic and staffing challenges faced by contractors. The report shows that recent increases in material prices dwarf the cost of living. It also explains variability and shows that extreme variability over time results in unpredictability in the cost of construction commodities and spending on construction and employment, making it difficult for contractors to plan.

Contractor’s Cost Conundrum is customized to your location. The report compares the cost of living (Consumer Price Index or CPI) to the extremely large increases in material prices. The report can be useful in collective bargaining situations and supports associations and contractors by showing that the recent high CPI numbers are just one part of a larger story with many challenges for contractors. The report will also assist contractors in better understanding the challenges and key economic factors that are critical to running a company.

The cost of a customized report is $750 for MCAA members. For more information, contact Carey Peters, Executive Director at CLRC, at 865-414-2678

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