About Us

The Mechanical and Plumbing Industry Council (MAPIC) is composed of the Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Cleveland (MCA); the Cleveland Plumbing Contractors’ Association, Inc. (CPCA); the Certified Pipe Welding Bureau of Cleveland, Inc. (CPWB); and the Mechanical Service Contractors Association (MSCA). These trade associations represent companies engaged in the plumbing and pipe fitting industry.

Cathy Hattenbach (The Hattenbach Co.) is President of MCA.
James Roddy, Jr. (Northern Ohio Plumbing) is President of CPCA.
Mike Brandt (Smith & Oby) is President of CPWB.
Will Reagan (Brewer-Garrett) serves as Chairman of MSCA.
Thomas J. Wanner Serves as the Executive Director for the associations.

As a result of collective bargaining, to provide promotional and educational programs, MCA’s Labor Agreement with Pipe Fitters Local #120 established the Mechanical Industry Fund of Cleveland (MCI). CPCA’s Labor Agreement with Plumbers Local #55 established the Cleveland Plumbing Industry Promotion and Education Fund (CPI). Each fund is governed by three management trustees appointed by the associations. Dave Kause (Coleman Spohn Corp.) is Chairman of MCI and Scott Wallenstein (Neptune Plumbing & Heating Co.) is Chairman of CPI. Mr. Wanner serves as the Executive Director for the two industry funds.

Thomas J. Wanner
Executive Director

The President of the three associations and the two chairman of the industry funds are the council members of MAPIC. Mr. Wanner serves as the Managing Director of MAPIC. The total combined membership of the three associations and the two industry funds is 150 Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors serving the Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area.