Ohio Plumbing Code

Stay up to date on the latest regulations

Like other building codes, the Ohio Plumbing Code is subject to updates, especially as new technologies propel the industry forward.

Compared to 20 years ago, there have been a number of major changes to the code, which have not only helped ensure the public’s safety, but also allowed contractors to use new materials and products.

As innovation continues to push the industry forward, it remains imperative that to be aware of the rules set in place.

MAPIC believes our members need to stay up to date on the current codes and regulations regarding Ohio’s Plumbing Code.

While the code may not undergo major changes every year, there are usually subtle changes each year, which could make an impact on your bid or on your project.

Do not let your money, effort and work hours go down the drain because you were not aware of the latest code changes.

By remaining up to date on the Ohio Plumbing Code, MAPIC members can ensure they continue to deliver high quality work and jobs completed according to the latest Ohio rules and regulations.

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Contact MAPIC at (216) 459-0770 to order a copy of the most recent Ohio Plumbing Code.