Safety and Health Services

Keeping all employees safe on the jobsite

As you are well aware, construction is a dangerous industry and it takes a major effort to keep everyone safe.

As such, MAPIC offers a wide array of safety and health services to our member companies. Scott Davidson, our full-time Safety and Education Director, is available to offer consultation on jobsite conditions and regulatory impacts, job site inspections, toolbox talks and classroom training at either the member company’s location of choice or at our offices.

We offer a Safety and Health Manual specific to each contractor for use in their workplace and project sites. In addition, both MCA and CPCA are co-sponsors of the Safety Incentive Program (SIP), a union-contractor program, which rewards safe work practices by union workers.

MAPIC is dedicated to the safety of its members and created a Safety and Health Services Manual, which contains various written programs and company policies regarding workplace safety and health. The various sections are divided for ease of reference, and each manual is company-specific, based on the company’s specific policies, which are often more stringent than regulatory requirements.

Jobsite Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks are a great way to provide short training modules at the jobsite.

These 15 to 30 minute talks are conducted on the jobsite, which means worker production is not lost, as the talks provide an open forum to discuss other issues of particular concern.

MAPIC offers its member contractors the ability to access numerous toolbox talk subjects, which are provided with our Safety and Health Manual.

In addition, several excellent professionally produced talk sets are published by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America and can be purchased through our office.

Contact MAPIC at (216) 459-0770 to learn more

Association members can receive a copy of the manual by contacting MAPIC at (216) 459-0770.