Helping our members succeed

Whether it is a second opinion, assistance with locating a regulation that might apply to your project or the need for the text of a regulation, MAPIC has the resources to get an answer to your request.

It is important for the safety of the public that all regulations are followed. This ensures systems work correctly as designed.

MAPIC is happy to provide consultation on your project to ensure your company is not only in compliance with construction regulations, but also following safety procedures.

We recognize jobsite safety is important. Construction is a dangerous industry and everyone on a jobsite – from the construction workers to all other administrative personnel – should follow all guidelines.

Our Safety and Education Director Scott Davidson has received extensive training in various areas of safety and health compliance and maintains close contact with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) through conversations with the various compliance officers and as a Cleveland Area OSHA Construction Team Stakeholder.

If you have questions related to jobsite safety, MAPIC will provide you with consultation services to provide you with answers and offer insights as to how to follow all regulations.

In the event your company is cited for an alleged violation, we can also assist you in the OSHA informal hearing process. This is your opportunity to meet with the OSHA Area Director or Assistant Director and explain the situation. In most instances, you can get your citation reduced below the level initially offered.

Contact MAPIC at (216) 459-0770 to learn more

Members can contact MAPIC for more information about consultations by calling (216) 459-0770.