StATE INspector Certification

Upgrade safety on the jobsite

The health and welfare of everyone who works on a construction site is nothing to take for granted.

While safety procedures and regulations may appear to be similar from one job to another, there are often subtle differences – much like the work being performed on each project. Furthermore, the crews working on the job may not be as familiar with each other as the crew on your last jobsite.

In order to keep everyone safe, or to help avoid an OSHA citation, consider having another set of eyes review the site.

A second or third opinion is often a great way to open dialogue and provide an alternate view to a particular jobsite condition. In order to augment our contractor’s own safety personnel, MAPIC offers Jobsite Inspection services using industry-accepted protocols and checklists.

This service can be detail-oriented and cover an entire jobsite, or simply concentrate on a single aspect of a particular job.

It is a great tool for subcontractors working on a specific part of a project or a general contractor, who wants a fresh set of eyes to look over the safety effort.

Contact MAPIC at (216) 459-0770 to learn more

Association members interested in having a third-party state-certified inspector visit their project should contact MAPIC at (216) 459-0770 to learn more.