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CPI contractors hire only plumbers who completed a five-year apprenticeship program, which includes 480 hours of classroom training and 8,400 hours of on-the-job training.

The Training Center is jointly administered by CPI and Plumbers Local 55. It operates six days per week, from morning until night and employs a Director, two full-time instructors, eight part-time instructors and a secretary. The 8,000 square-foot center boasts 14 welding/brazing stations, classrooms, a fully equipped hands-on training area, a backflow training area, a medical gas training department and more.

In addition to the five-year apprenticeship program, the typical plumber employed by a CPI contractor spends over 20 hours per year at the training center upgrading their skills. Most CPI plumbers are certified in the following areas:

  • Safety Certificates (minimum three, maximum nine)
  • State Certified Welding or Brazing
  • Backflow Certification – State of Ohio and Cleveland Water Department
  • Plastic Pipe Fusion – Dominion Gas Controls Certification
  • Medical Gas Installation Certification


About 14 percent of CPI Plumbing Contracting firms are owned by minorities or females.


CPI encourages diversity in the employment of plumbers and proudly strives to meet or exceed federal and state guidelines. CPI financially supports and sits on the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Hometown Program, which recruits, prepares and trains minorities and females for referral to union apprenticeship programs.


CPI closely participates in the State of Ohio code process and is actively involved in several advisory committees with the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Industrial Compliance Division. CPI publishes a handy condensed version of the Ohio Plumbing Code, the Ohio Boiler Code and the Ohio Pressure Piping Code. CPI, through its relationship with the Department Of Commerce, participates in the drafting of rules and standards that enhance the quality and safety of the industry.

CPI constantly offers code classes for its contractors.

Labor Relations

The last time CPI contractors experienced any disruption of work was when Richard Nixon was President. Strikes and labor disputes, for the most part, are a thing of the past. In fact, labor and management now see each other as partners with a common goal. Here are some of the work rule changes that make CPI contractors more competitive:

  • Overtime is now time and one-half (except Sundays and holidays)
  • Starting times are flexible – 7 a.m. starts are now available
  • Four 10-hour days at a straight time may be requested
  • Second and third shifts are available to reduce the overall costs of the project
  • Reduced rates on nursing homes, motels, all sitework and residential

Medical Gas

CPI operates one of the most sophisticated state-of-the-art medical gas piping certification centers in the country. Plumbers undergo an intensive 32-hour medical gas certification program and a medical gas brazing certification from the State of Ohio, which is required by law. The Training Center has all of the equipment necessary for proper training and includes a mock-up of a hospital.

The instructors are all certified medical gas instructors, and over 300 of our plumbers have this certification. Non-CPI affiliated contractors cannot approach the experience of CPI contractors when it comes to medical gas piping installations.

Backflow Prevention

State code requires all backflow preventers to be tested annually by certified backflow technicians. CPI has over 350 certified backflow technicians who have attended a 30-hour course and taken a written and practical test.


Owners, architects and general contractors prefer CPI contractors because they know what to expect. When we say we will be on the job on Monday with equipment, materials and a crew, we are on the job Monday with equipment, materials and a crew.


CPI is the only organization in Ohio certified to offer the 30-hour Plumbing Inspector Recertification class, which it provides semi-annually. CPI works closely with and is a member of the Ohio Association of Plumbing Inspectors, and often includes inspectors in code meetings and other activities to gain another perspective of the industry.

Industry Liaison

CPI represents its contractors to the following organizations:

  • Cleveland Engineering Society
  • American Society of Plumbing Engineers
  • American Society of Sanitary Engineering
  • Ohio Association of Plumbing Inspectors
  • Ohio Mechanical Contracting Industry
  • Union Construction Industry Partnership
  • Construction Advisory Committee (Greater Cleveland Growth Association)
  • Cleveland Builders Exchange


CPI contractors have the experience, training and quality contracts project owners and general contractors expect. It is why we are so efficient. We can offer you a competitive price even compared to other contractors who pay lower wages and do not pay employee benefits. CPI plumbers offer you a peace of mind. You do not build a house every day, so you need confidence that your contractors are honest, reliable, experienced, quality-oriented and knowledgeable.