MCA North Central Ohio

Mechanical Contractors’
Association of North Central Ohio

Joe Lucas, Lucas Plumbing, President


Our Contractor Members
About MCAA – NCO:
Like its Cleveland counterpart, the Mechanical Contractors’ Association of North Central Ohio (MCA NCO) is a non-profit construction trade association representing union affiliated mechanical contractors, incorporated in the State of Ohio, with a 501(c) (6) IRS Classification.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To make membership in the Association a reasonable assurance to the public of the skill, integrity, and responsibility of its members;
  • To promote the Mechanical Contracting Industry and to promote the interests and welfare of its members;
  • To maintain high professional standards in the conduct of work, combat unfair practices, and encourage sound and efficient business methods;
  • To provide for affiliation with the Mechanical Contractors’ Association of America, Inc. (MCAA) and the furtherance of the objects of MCAA;
  • To foster the meeting and exchange of ideas, technical data, and business information between Association members, the MCAA, other associations, manufacturers, architects, and engineers;
  • To represent the membership in its relations with its employees and groups which may represent its employees.

MCAA: MCA NCO is affiliated with the Mechanical Contractors’ Association of America (MCAA) and membership in MCAA is mandatory in order to join MCA NCO. MCA NCO neither pays dues to nor is under any type of control of MCAA.

In Conclusion: MCA NCO therefore pledges that it will be an Association run by its members for the benefit of its members with special emphasis on the participation and service from its membership.