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Mechanical Contracting Industry Fund

David Kause, Chairman






Our Contractor Members
About MCI:
MCI is a trust fund established in 1973 to promote the mechanical contracting industry and educate and inform the contributors. The companies listed on this roster are experienced professional contractors who specialize in all types of piping systems including heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, process
piping and fire protection. These contractors are all bonded and insured.

MCI contractors employ only Union Local #120 Pipe Fitters who have completed a five year apprenticeship program or equivalent. This program includes:

  • Hundreds of hours of classroom training at one of the most advanced and complete training facilities in the country, conducted by instructors certified at Michigan State University.
  • Thousands of hours actually working on the job at every phase of the trade as part of their practical training.
  • Additionally, Pipe Fitters constantly upgrade their skills by attending refresher courses in advanced welding, pneumatic and electrical controls, industrial instrumentation, refrigeration, new materials and techniques, etc. conducted at the Union Training Center.

Of course, the Contractors are always attending seminars and educational programs so they too, can keep abreast of advancement in the industry.

For a safe and cost effective investment in the Heating – Refrigeration – Air Conditioning area contact one of these contractors or the MCI office at 216.459.0770.