MCA Cleveland

Mechanical Contractors Association of Cleveland

Cathy Hattenbach, President

Our Contractor Members
About MCA – Cleveland:
The Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Cleveland (MCA of Cleveland) is a non-profit construction trade association representing union affiliated mechanical contractors, incorporated in the State of Ohio, with a 501(c) (6) IRS Classification.

To promote better relations between all facets of the industry, to maintain high professional standards, to combat unfair practices, encourage efficiency, encourage methods which reduce risk, to raise the standing of contractors in the business world, to strive for harmonious and economically justifiable relations with employees and to provide for affiliation with the Mechanical Contractors’ Association of America national association.

The MCA of Cleveland is affiliated with the Mechanical Contractors’ Association of America (MCAA) and membership in MCAA is mandatory in order to join the MCA of Cleveland. MCA of Cleveland neither pays dues to nor is under any type of control of MCAA.

Mission Statement:
To strengthen the Association for the purpose of strengthening the union mechanical contracting industry. To this end, MCA of Cleveland will:

  • Goal #1 – Promote Partnership with the Union. To have regular dialog with the Union to discuss the key issues affecting our industry, with the goal of pursuing mutually beneficial outcomes to these issues.
  • Goal #2 – Provide Superior Services to our Members.It is the Associations ongoing task to define those services that are valuable to the members. The Association shall accomplish this through discussion with the membership, through surveys of the membership, and by evaluation of other Associations’ efforts.
  • Goal #3 – Attract New Members and Retain Current Members. The Association will strive to provide educational and social opportunities for its membership. The Association will continue to review the needs of its members and design solutions to fulfill those needs.
  • Goal #4 – Provide Leadership for our Industry. The MCA of Cleveland will endeavor to define the issues affecting our industry. The Association will try to shape public opinion on the issues and influence the outcome of legislation for the benefit of its membership.

In Conclusion: MCA of Cleveland therefore pledges that it will be an Association run by its members for the benefit of its members with special emphasis on the participation and service from its membership.