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The President of the three associations and the two chairman of the industry funds are the council members of MAPIC. Mr. Wanner serves as the Managing Director of MAPIC. The total combined membership of the three associations and the two industry funds is 150 Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors serving the Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area.

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Featured Member – CPI

Cleveland Plumbing Industry Promotion & Education Fund James J. Roddy, Chairman About CPI: CPI is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(6) organization established in 1963 in order to provide educational and promotional services for the plumbing contractors who contribute to the fund. CPI’s mission is to promote the plumbing industry while enhancing the quality and safety of […]


The Joint Apprenticeship Program

An Overview Apprenticeship is the combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation. Apprenticeship programs are operated on a voluntary basis by employers, employer associations or management, and labor groups. The related classroom instruction is given in the program sponsor’s training […]


Medical Gas Piping Training & Certification

AN OVERVIEW Medical gases play a crucial role in patient care, supporting life and assisting in the safe deliver of various treatments. The most common gases used in health care include: Oxygen for anesthesia and inhalation therapy Nitrous oxide for anesthesia Medical air for breathing Nitrogen for driving pneumatic instruments and purging pipelines. In a […]